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The Fórsa dial is unique, both aesthetically and technically. Machined from a block of metal, as opposed to a thin plate (as most dials are), this complicated process was the only way to achieve the shape. As a single piece of metal, (including the indexes) this is quite an achievement when you consider the depth and complexity of the dial.

Hand Painted

There's nothing simple or straightforward about producing a tonneau shaped watch, let alone a chronograph. If we consider the dial alone, it would be impossible to overestimate the work involved in producing it.

Both stamped and then machined by CNC, each dial has the initial black coating applied before the Superluminova is applied by hand.

Fórsa Titanium SLN_edited.jpg
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Subtle and Unique

Once the subtle designs are pointed out, the inspiration may seem obvious. However, this is where good design is all important.  The oval sub-dials are a beautiful touch and utterly unique.

Notice too the contours of the dial as the dial curves down to the corners and the index rise in response, giving the dial an incredible three dimensional look.

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